Bazaar Beauties


Second-hand Kitsch, leopard print fabrics and discounted cauliflowers. The market is the environment where fashion photographer Harmen Meinsma has scouted the models for his project ‘Bazaar Beauties’. This environment is a place where a big group of people come together to buy the cheapest bargains. But it’s the eccentric ladies that caught the eye of Harmen. With their cotton-candy inspired hair, fake nails and elaborate use of eyeshadow, these women shine like paradise birds.

After photographing some ladies on the market and at their home, Harmen discovered that their natural habitat would not depict the energetic and youthful allure that every lady possesses.
In his photo studio with the colourful backgrounds and the Hitchcockian lights, Harmen could capture what was missing in reality to capture the rich personality of each lady. For the photographer, they are living proof that getting older is not something to be ashamed of, but rather is something that must be celebrated. These women also show that even in a small country like Holland a tremendous amount of glamour can be found.

An important part of this project is the collaboration with fashion designer Nada van Dalen and a team of stylists. The fashion of Nada is known for its raw character and was a perfect fit for the concept of this project. While shooting this project, there was a mutual attraction, which helped to make the women feel free enough to let their ultimate alter-ego shine. On a pedestal, they rise above the gray mass and they demand attention. With a nod towards getting older, this photo series is celebrating the flamboyant older lady.

Models: Rina, Joyce, Nadia, Nancy, Petra, Len, Anne-Marie and Ruth
Makeup: Leon de Jong
Hair: Andres Felipe de Jong
Fashion: Nada van Dalen

This project was on view from 16th of September until the 15th of Oktober 2017 in a solo exhibition right next to the Markthal and the Rotterdam Marketplace. In the video below an interview with me and Nada van Dalen about the project. This exhibition was powered by YEDS.

ClientGemeente Rotterdam, YEDSYear2016